Stone Products

Lillooet Lake Stone

Lillooet Lake Stone comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and characters. Featuring a strong green colour the stone also has accents of browns and greys throughout. The stone is solid and durable and can be worked in many different ways making for excellent interior and exterior stone walls.

Ama Ketla Green Slate

Lillooet Lake Slate

Lillooet Lake Slate offers a versatile array of uses for exterior and interior projects. The slate features a strong green/jade colour with hints of browns, rust and greys. Often used for large square footage jobs the slate is suitable for patios, flagstones and exterior walls.

Cayoosh Grey Stone

Cayoosh Grey Stone offers a classic masonry look with various shapes, colours and angles featured throughout each stone. The stone can be used to create a beautiful mosaic of colours for any interior or exterior project.

Ama Ketla Kootenay Stone

Kootenay Stone

Kootenay Stone offers a refined look suitable for both interior and exterior projects. The stone comes in a natural light grey with speckles of brown, and rust with the option to seal in a dark charcoal finish.

Ama Ketla Kootaney Slate

Kootenay Slate

Kootenay Slate provides a beautiful dark grey finish in a strong thin slate perfect for flooring and large square footage jobs. Available in various size and shapes the slate can be carved or left alone to feature the natural contours of the stone.

Salt & Pepper Granite

Salt & Pepper Granite is a dense rock making it perfect for use in high traffic and work areas. Natural granite offers a classic look that is always on trend and always ready to compliment any decor style for years to come.

Basalt Stone

Basalt Stone offers a beautiful blue colour with hints of greys and rust on unfinished edges. Basalt is the most common volcanic rock found on earth making it very soft and favourable to carve.

Building Kits

Choose from a wide-range of pre-built rock stone kits including fire kits, seats and benches. Contact us to design your custom stone made kit.

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